Healthcare 4.0

The Government of India has attempted a series of large scale interventions to address the above mentioned challenges through transformation of health and wellness centers, developing district hospitals to cater to long-term care for non-communicable diseases, Ayushman Bharat Mission, promoting e-Health etc. However, it is considerably recognized that the adoption of advanced devices and technologies such as Internet of medical things (IoMT), robotics, telemedicine, augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR), wearable systems, mobile health apps, Artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis, etc, would bring the much-needed changes in the Indian healthcare system in a much efficient way by reducing costs and providing easy accessibility. ...

Emerging technologies hold great potential to address the needs of Indian healthcare services, which IHUB Divyasampark would be undertaking to augment and accelerate Govt initiatives.

Through IHUB- Divyasampark, we plan to develop highly modular and customizable solutions that support multiple simultaneous consultations, asset tracking, monitoring supply chain, data storage on server & cloud, data security, rights and privileges based upon user role, integration of legacy medical equipment in an IoMT framework etc.

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