Overview & Objectives

Objective of AR-VR Hackathon is to introduce Undergraduate Students to AR-VR Development process. The first stage is to get started with 3D development environment. This Hackathon introduces a step by step Unity3D learning platform. By following simple intuitive pre recorded video tutorials, students will not only learn about the development environment but also will be able to make a beginner level game on Unity3D. Students can further show their creativity and modify the sample project (they will learn to develop). They need to submit modified project to participate in the competition. Learning platform also provides step by step details how to submit the project.

Who can Participate?

Any under-graduate engineering student can participate in the Hackathon.

Register for free till 20th Jan 2022
Registration fees of 250 INR applicable after 20th Jan 2022
Hackathon entry submission last date : 30th Jan 2022

How to Participate?

Fill the Hackathon registration form by clicking the Register Now button above.
Click here to sign up on the learning portal to access free Learning Modules. The Learning Modules are available in both English and Hindi.
Submit your entry by 30th January 2022 11:59 PM

Hackathon Preparation

Set up and get familiar with Unity3D environment.
Pre recorded videos in our free module provide all basic details on how to download and set up Unity3D environment. It provides the necessary URLs and versions required for the task.
Our free module provides all the necessary steps on how to design 3D Virtual environment and to create a 3D Maze.
Learn how to make Collect-The-Coins game.
Students may download the sample projects and play around with them.

Hackathon Task

1. The task consists of making a game with the above completed Collect-The-Coins as the starting point. There are no constraints on the number of features that you may introduce to the game, as long as the basic game play remains similar to the sample projects.

2. Students should modify the project using their creativity. They can take help of other online resources and make their game more interesting by, say:
Improving aesthetics (looks) by using better 3D assets.
Adding more features like Sound, Particle System, Characters, Animations etc.
Implementing any other ideas that the contestant may deem fit to make game interesting and enjoyable

How To Submit Your Entry

After completing the project, students will be required to submit their entries in the following manner:
Record a short video (max 120 sec) explaining the changes made in the game.
Upload the video on YouTube and share the link on Submission Form available at the end of the Learning Module.
Export the project and upload the Unity package on Google Drive. Change status to “share with anyone having the link” and submit the link on Submission Form.

Register Now

Helpline: +91-8473837359

*** Note: You may also be required to make provisions for displaying your system’s unique id at the bottom right corner of unity’s game window. The unique id should be visible in the video that is to be submitted. The hint on how to capture system’s unique id is available in the assignment.

Guaranteed prize on completion

Yes, upon completion you will get a Unity 3D Developer Beginner Certificate, even if you did not manage to win a prize.



1st Prize: Fellowship of 1,10,000 INR (10,000 per month for 11 months)
2nd Prize: Fellowship of 70,000 INR (10,000 per month for 7 months)
3rd Prize: 2 Fellowships of 50,000 INR (10,000 per month for 5 months)
Upto 100 % Scholarship to top 50 participants for AR-VR App Development Certification Course by iHUB Divyasampark @ IIT Roorkee in association with TechXR.
Post fellowship completion few bright ideas may be considered for Startup funding.
*** iHub reserves the right to decide on the number of fellowships to be awarded.