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A team of dedicated experts focused on fostering innovation.

About Us

Know more about Technology Innovation Hub

iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee is an innovative consultancy hub situated at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. We are a team of dedicated experts focused on fostering innovation, facilitating research, and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit. Our mission is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, offering a platform where cutting-edge ideas meet practical solutions.

Our Services

At iHUB DivyaSampark we provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in various domains to offer tailored solutions. Here's an overview of our services:

Technical Expertise

Our team comprises subject matter experts in various fields, from engineering and technology to management and social sciences. We offer technical consultancy to help organizations tackle complex challenges.

Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

From planning to execution, we help you manage your projects efficiently. Our project management services ensure that your initiatives are on track and on budget.

Research and Development Consulting

We assist organizations and individuals in harnessing the power of research and development. Our experts provide guidance on ideation, project execution, and research strategy.

Why Choose iHUB DivyaSampark,

IIT Roorkee?
  • Implement an enterprise-wide transformation, from vision and strategy to execution and outcomes.
  • Ideate, create, and deploy new business models.
  • Innovate for continuous value creation.
  • enabling organizations to transform their business and operating models and respond nimbly to competitive threats
  • Unlock the advantages of the digital era to harness innovation, drive operational efficiencies and grow your business.
  • We help companies thrive in the transformative age by refreshing themselves constantly, experimenting with new ideas and scaling successes.

Are you seeking consultancy services that can transform your ideas into reality?